The way we work

Bespoke Funeral Management Software has always been available from IT consultants, but the costs have usually been prohibitive for all but the largest companies. This, however, is all about to change!

The way we work with Funeral Directors is as follows:

  • Initial informal meeting which includes a general discussion about your business and needs, and a demonstration of what the funeral software can typically do. We will also look at things like your family confirmation letters and estimate/invoice layout. This will enable us to find out if any special tailoring will be required on top of our basic funeral software package. We will also discuss your training requirements.
  • Offer. We provide an estimate of costs and timeframes.

If you then wish to take the relationship further, the next steps would be:

  • Contract. We will offer you a contract to consider which will include details of our terms and conditions, licence agreement, price, payment details, etc. You may or may not choose to enter into this contract and you shall be under no obligation until this point.
  • Analysis day. If you wish to use our tailoring service whereby the funeral software can be changed any way you like, we visit your premises again to discuss your business in full detail, with an emphasis on the products and prices you offer, as well as forms and letters that you use. This step is not needed if after the first meeting you feel you can use the software in its standard configuration.
  • Installation and configuration. We will install and configure the funeral software to your needs on an agreed date. Several days may be required if you wish to make many changes to the system. Some of this work we can usually do remotely. Obviously any new hardware should be in place by this time. Final adjustments to the software can be made and we will ensure the system is working fully.
  • Training. We know from experience that correct training of staff is a critical success factor in making the most of any software. According to what has been agreed, we will spend time with you and your staff to train you on the new funeral software system.
  • Continuous Support and Maintenance. We see Eulogica funeral software as a partnership for the lifetime of the product, where we are on call with help, advice and access to our latest developments. Eulogica funeral software develops continuously, reflecting new statutory requirements, developments in professional practice or ideas for improvements communicated by Funeral Directors. These regular developments are shared with you through software updates. Your staff can also reach us by telephone, e-mail or facsimile to make any enquiry related to Eulogica. Our lifetime commitment is built into the way we offer Eulogica funeral software. Because software support is so important to Funeral Directors, we will not leave you.
  • Additions and changes. Of course you may wish to alter or extend your system later, as your business grows. We are always happy to come back and develop the system further.

Such bespoke software has always been available from IT consultants, but the costs have usually been prohibitive for all but the largest companies. This, however, is all now changing. We have created Eulogica funeral software as a framework for bespoke funeral management software for the 21st century, coupled with high levels of flexibility. This enables us to offer an infinite variety of software solutions according to local and business requirements – combining the benefits of individual attention to detail with overall competitive cost.