Many funeral homes collect and hold cremated remains on behalf of bereaved families. Often the cremated remains are then collected by the family or disposed of in a scattering or interment ceremony quite soon after the funeral. However, sometimes they are held for longer, perhaps through indecision or awaiting the death of a spouse. It can be difficult to get an up-to-the minute overview of whose cremated remains are currently being held – indeed, this was raised at the recent National Association of Funeral Directors Autumn General Meeting as one of the most common issues found during an inspection.

Eulogica can help with this! On any funeral where you are collecting the cremated remains you can have a CR Collected/held icon which allows you to record the date the cremated remains were collected from the crematorium and subsequently the date on which they left your possession – be that by being released to the family, interred, shipped overseas…

Of course with Eulogica’s bespoke nature further information can also be recorded here, such as the branch where the remains are held, the cremation number, even a specific storage location.

These dates can then be used to power a CR Held report, which lists all funerals where the date collected has been filled in but the date released is blank, giving you an immediate output of all cremated remains you currently hold – along with the branch they are found at or the storage location, if you have recorded this – at the click of a button!

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