It is not uncommon for many families to come in and request very similar funerals. Requests for “simple”, direct cremation funerals and many other types of funerals tend to end up nearly identical in which services are used, with mostly just some difference in the products. Perhaps you are already offering pre-made funeral packages, in which case the Eulogica funeral templates become even more suitable for you.

Using the funeral templates, you can save a specific set of services and even products, if you so wish, to a template that you can easily load in when creating a funeral. This way you can skip the repetitive step of going through and selecting everything when creating one of these more common funerals. Should the family wish to add or remove something that is not a part of this template it is of course no issue. You can simply add and remove things like you would normally after loading in the template.

When making a template it is chosen to be for “Burials”, “Cremations” or “Other”. The template will only show up for the chosen type of funeral selected to prevent clutter and make the list easier to view and choose from. Of course, if you want a template to be available for all of them that can be arranged as well.

Do not be afraid when coming up with ideas for templates, they are very flexible and can be greatly customised to fit your needs. Just contact the Eulogica support staff by calling 0845 3519 935 or e-mailing and we will happily assist you with your request.