Welcome to Eulogica Ltd!

The advanced Eulogica funeral management software was originally developed for Funeral Directors in Norway in the 1990s. Because of a strong commitment to continuous maintenance and support, the concept gained widespread acceptance and is now involved in the majority of all funerals held in that country. Eulogica is also established in Sweden, Ireland and the Netherlands. The UK company was set up in 2003. Eulogica Ltd is located in Oxford Street, London and has a second office in Sheffield.

Change of name

From 2009, Intelligent Software UK Ltd was changing name to Eulogica Ltd.

Until 2008 the company was known under the name Intelligent Software UK Ltd. In total, our funeral software systems are installed in around 300 funeral organisations across 4 European countries.

When developing the concept for the international market, Eulogica Ltd spent two years learning the needs of the Profession by setting up a User Involvement Group. The funeral management software and the service provided was refined as a result of extensive discussions with this group of mostly British Funeral Directors.

Eulogica Ltd is a member of NAFD and SAIF. We are also a frequent exhibitor and sponsor of meetings and events around the Profession.

The company is privately owned and we take pride in our independence. Although we work closely with Funeral Directors when designing our products, no Funeral Directors have ownership to any part of our company or the technology we supply, and of course we are not ourselves involved in funeral directing in any way. Indeed we are not involved in any other business than providing software for the Funeral Profession.

Feel free to contact us to set up a meeting or to sign up for future editions of our free newsletter.

We also have relationships with several suppliers of computer hardware and would be pleased to provide an offer for your hardware needs.

If you wish to speak to other Funeral Directors that we are currently working with, we are happy to provide references.

Funeral Directors from Norway and the UK gathered at the Norwegian ambassador's residence in London in the Autumn of 2006, for a reception where Eulogica Ltd and the Eulogica funeral software was presented. Invitations had been sent to various contacts and clients of Eulogica. Some 40 people signed up for the arrangement, including Funeral Directors and their partners, officials from the embassy, and other interested parties.