You may already know that many events in Eulogica can be added to the Eulogica diary automatically – arrangement appointments, chapel visits, vehicle hire-outs and more can appear in the diary as soon as the date and time are filled in. Whole funerals can be automatically populated in the diary as well, with an overall “time block” of say a couple of hours (which is of course configurable) with the individual times for the cortege, church service, cremation, reception and suchlike shown within.

You can even add manual entries to the diary. Perhaps David or Nick is coming for a training visit, electronics are being PAT tested or staff leave is being recorded. These can all be added as all-day events or smaller time-specific entries.

All of this data is very useful to hold within Eulogica, but many of us wish to also check the diary on the move, when we may not have access to our PC and thus our Eulogica system.

Google Calendar Synchronisation

Now your Eulogica diary can be automatically synchronised to one or more online Google calendars. From here, it can be shared with many other platforms, such as Android, iOS, Outlook and more.

Where the Eulogica calendar holds all appointments and can be filtered to show specific appointment types, or branch or staff data, different Google calendars can be set up to your requirements. Perhaps each branch office should have its own calendar, or each staff member have a calendar showing only their own appointments. You could even have a calendar just showing chapel availability!

There are many options – if you would like to discuss them further or have ideas of your own, feel free to call the Eulogica team on 0845 3519 935, or email