Regular readers of the Eulogica Bulletin will know that for many years we have been supporting an orphanage in India. That is, the Care and Love institution just outside Hyderabad, in the south of the country.

It has also become a tradition that at Christmas time, we make a specific gift to the kids at the orphanage. This was an idea we had in the early 2000s, when it was still usual that companies send physical Christmas cards to clients. We decided to stop doing that, and instead to give something more useful.

For this Christmas, our gift is new clothes for all the kids at the orphanage. There are around 40 of them.

Apart from supporting the orphanage in general, Eulogica is also specifically taking care of the education of three of the children there, nicknamed the “Eulogica Kids”: Anusha, Sai and Sanjana.

They are making great progress, says Nuthan the manager: “I am really happy for the children’s achievements. My work and your support in terms of psychological and financial assistance has transformed these children in a big way!”

The oldest among “our” 3 kids is now almost finished with her education. Anusha is pursuing the last year of MBA Pharmacy and is also having interviews for a possible first job. She has already received several offers from well-known employers. She has 5 more months to complete her final examinations – and to decide where to go next.

Nuthan goes on to say, “She is responsible, organised and growing in confidence and self-esteem day by day. Because you have started supporting these kids when they were very young, now you can see the results – which are not temporary but make a lifetime of impact for their lives. I would like to thank you for giving your sponsored kids an opportunity to become self-sustaining individuals.”