The Yorkshire Federation of the National Association of Funeral Directors recently held their Annual General Meeting at the beautiful Rossington Hall, just outside Doncaster. Eulogica’s Client Support Manager Nick Stokes was in attendance, both at the meeting and in the exhibition held alongside. The meeting was hosted by NAFD Yorkshire President Leanne Rookledge, and attended by members from across the area as well as NAFD National President John Adams and new Chief Executive Andrew Judd.

“It was great to meet with friends and colleagues from the NAFD Yorkshire Federation,” Nick tells us. “The venue was spectacular, and the speakers very interesting. It was particularly interesting to hear from John about his efforts to get death and bereavement included in the National Curriculum.”

Nick was exhibiting the Eulogica software as well as the various modules that can be included, such as Eulogica Cloud, Resource Management, Eulogica Viewer and the Eulogica Companion App. If you would like to hear more about any of these, please contact the office on 0845 3519 935 or email