Nå kan du benytte Eulogica uansett hvor du er! En sentral funksjon i vår programvare er muligheten for frakoplet arbeid og synkronisering av data, slik at du kan arbeide utenfor kontoret.

We know this will make a big difference for Funeral Directors. It works like this: If your company has a mixture of desktop and laptop computers, our Funeral Management software can be installed on them all. In the office all the computers will work together and share the same data, but the laptops will be equipped with an additional synchronisation function. Whenever you want to take one computer out of the office, you can run this function. All data gets copied to the local storage (hard disk) in that computer. This enables you to continue your work on that computer, anywhere in the world.

The glossy laptop brochures tend to suggest you work on a beach or a yacht. In reality, things tend to turn out a little less exotic, but I suppose it could be useful to work at home now and then, in the car or anywhere?

Once back at the office, you may run the synchronisation function again, to upload any changes you have made, to the office network. For the advanced user, it is also possible to synchronise on the road using a mobile phone link or other connection. We use the Internet for these transmissions, so the connection is generally cheap and available.

Certainly it is a trend these days, that data should follow their user. Best of all, it works! Several Funeral Directors are using this laptop system on a daily basis already, to look up information and input some of the funeral details. Some will even input information directly during interviews in people’s homes! Some are understandably reluctant to input details during arrangement interviews, but the flexibility is there!