IT security is often in the news, and companies everywhere have an obligation to ensure their computer systems are safe. Especially after the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation and related legislation, managers at all types of businesses have become aware of the importance of protecting data and software systems.

One of Eulogica’s contributions to this end is regular updates to our software. While new versions of Eulogica are usually focused around end-user features, there are also often some security enhancements embedded with new releases.

One of the improvements we have delivered in recent updates is a high password security mode. This is an optional feature. By default, it is not applied to all installations – but can be enabled if or when it’s desired.

By default, Eulogica users can set any password they wish. The starting point is that passwords do not need to be long or complex – or be changed often. Also, if a user is having trouble remembering their Eulogica password, there is generally no limit to how many times they can try to log in.

In this day and age, some managers may feel that stricter rules should apply. For them, Eulogica now offers a high password security mode.

If this mode is enabled, Eulogica users may no longer just set and use a simple password. Instead, the following rules will be enforced:

  • Passwords must contain a minimum of 6 characters
  • Passwords expire every 30 days and must then be changed
  • When changing passwords, users cannot re-use one that they have used recently
  • Users will get automatically logged out of the system if they have not been using it for some time (around 45 minutes) – and must then login with their password again
  • If an incorrect password is given 3 times, the user will be blocked
  • In order to remove a block, the user must contact an administrator (who will access a special feature at this end)

At Eulogica, we know that this kind of strictness may not be what every business wants. Increased security often comes at the cost of reduced convenience.

Also, there is no law saying exactly how strict password security needs to be. It is for each company to decide, as part of their overall security policies.

Hence, in line with the long-standing Eulogica principle that «every Funeral Director is unique», we have made these new and stricter rules optional – at least for now.

For security reasons, there is also no direct way that you can switch the new «high password security mode» on or off. It involves a hidden setting that only Eulogica support staff have access to.

Please just make contact with us, if you would like to request that the higher password security option be enabled (or disabled) for your Eulogica installation.

The option is available for all types of Eulogica installation – locally on your own network, with Eulogica Cloud, and with third party platforms. But please note, the password security rules explained here apply only to the actual Eulogica software. The platform or computer that is used to get access to the software will usually have its own password – and its own rules.