‘Info’ button

Did you know you can store notes about a contact in the contact file and also have easy access to these notes from a funeral record once you have selected that contact in a service?

You can of course double click the contact in the service which will open that record and then you can click the ‘Notes’ tab to see the info. But, if your Eulogica system has been configured with the ‘Info’ button then you can just click that and be presented with the notes directly in a pop up window.

Contacts | ‘Warning’ field

Did you know that you can have a message pop up for a particular contact when that contact is used in a funeral record? This could be a reminder about needing to take a bier to the church or that the mortuary is not open between certain hours. It could be more detailed and point you to the notes of that contact. Whatever it is, a pop-up reminder can be very useful, especially for places or people you don’t often contact.

To use this feature simply fill in the ‘Warning’ field on the ‘Information’ tab of a contact. The next time you select this contact in a funeral record the warning message will pop up.


Diary labels

Did you know that you can configure your own diary labels and colours for manual diary entries? Perhaps you want an orange colour to mark in staff holidays or a lilac colour for birthdays. Perhaps you want a manual diary entry and specific colour for something specific to your company. Well, this can easily be done in Eulogica.

Simply go to Tools | Organisation | Diary labels and edit an existing label or click ‘New’ and enter a new label and colour.

Then to add a manual entry in the diary, open the diary to the date you want, double click around the time you want and then fill in the details in the window.

If you want more information about these or other features or think that something needs configuring to allow you to use them, then just contact us. We can be contacted by email at support@eulogica.com or by telephone on 0845 3519 935.