The UK and Ireland Eulogica team as well as the wider Eulogica International team has seen some new members come on board.  These new team members have already been able to take part in events strengthening bonds between the different country operations of Eulogica, exchanging information and improving the knowledge and practice of the team.

The newest member of the team – Michael Bedford, technical apprentice – values being a member of an international team.  “Working in an international team has really helped me to settle in and get to grips with Eulogica.  If you’re ever unsure about something or can’t think of a good solution to an unusual query, there is a wealth of knowledge and experience available.”

Luke Jones, who joined the UK and Ireland team as a client support technician in spring 2018, also appreciates the international viewpoint.  “Having a variety of different perspectives to look at questions and think about projects clearly helps us find the best solution.  We’re able to compare best practises across a number of countries and use this to build the strongest solution and system possible.  It’s also great to have other people to bounce ideas off when you need a fresh set of eyes on something.”

Pictured are Luke and Michael with Eulogica’s Netherlands Country Manager, Laura de Waal, during a recent international training event.