A popular Eulogica feature is the integrated diary. It is quite simple – as long as you feed the system with the dates and times of your funerals, interviews, viewings or any other activities, the program will display these events graphically.

You can look at events related to a single funeral, or all funerals at once. If the latter gives too much information, you can pick out certain kinds of events, e.g. your viewings, or receptions, or cremations, corteges, and so on.

Another option is to look at what the diary has in store for one single person, like yourself, or for a single branch – for one day, a week, and so on. You can leave any such view at the side of your screen if you like, while continuing the work. The choice of colours and events can be configured to the needs of your individual requirements, as with most functions in Eulogica. Then there is our own little favourite – under certain conditions you can change appointments just by dragging or sizing those boxes on screen with the mouse. Of course all parts of the system are then updated accordingly!