Clement McGough & Sons is one of the few independent family funeral directors in Stoke-on-Trent and have been proudly serving the communities of North Staffordshire and South Cheshire for more than fifty years.

In 2010 Tim McGough contacted Eulogica when problems in their existing Dignity Software became too much – “We were having problems where figures were not adding up correctly, particularly VAT amounts. Documents were not being produced correctly either. We heard that Eulogica had bought Dignity Software and were offering a conversion to the Dignity Software users, so we decided to take the opportunity.”

The Eulogica team visited McGough’s to demonstrate and install a trial of the software. “The guys from Eulogica took the time to look over our documents and ask how we went about our daily business. This analysis resulted in the system being tweaked to fit our needs and to produce documents we are happy to send to clients and suppliers. Subsequent alterations have been made with the minimum of fuss.”

“Eulogica funeral software is very easy to use and documents are very easy to produce – it is a big improvement!” says Tim. “Throughout the training they were very helpful and patient. It is very reassuring to know that support is just a phone call away. The support we receive has always been really good – they are happy to help and always quick to respond.”

Eulogica is a bespoke funeral software system that can be tailored to the unique needs of each funeral director. After some time with the system in place it is common that further tweaking is requested as users become more proficient and the system becomes integrated with the day-to-day workflow. The whole point of installing a funeral software system like Eulogica is to reduce the workload for staff so that they can spend more time helping families whilst at the same time allowing them to produce work of a higher quality.

“We have had Eulogica funeral software for some time now and it has been a big improvement on our work, even the accountant has complimented us on the greatly improved quality and accuracy of our financial reports.” Tim continues “It is nice to have a truly reliable system. We have peace of mind that our documents will be generated and figures added up correctly every time. We know we can now trust our Eulogica funeral software system.”