Many funeral directors like to offer printed order of service sheets for their customers. Traditionally some funeral directors have been using software like MS-Office for this. Which works fine, but it tends to be quite a time-consuming way, even for the skilled computer user. Time is of course precious, so… Enter the Eulogica Service Sheets module!

Instead of using a printing company, which would incur a cost of perhaps £50-£100 per funeral, it is possible to print service sheets internally by use of a laser printer. The Eulogica Service Sheets module is a brand new software system which enables you to print your own high quality service sheets with ease.

First of all it can connect to the administration system, so details of the deceased, ceremony, music etc are transferred automatically, speeding up the process and reducing the possibility of errors. (It can also be installed without our administration package.) Second, it enables you to pick hymns, icons, pictures and other elements with just a few clicks. An attractive service sheet is designed automatically based on your choices, and elements can be dragged and dropped, altered in size etc with the kind of ease you have come to expect from Eulogica.

The net result is an attractive service sheet which can be prepared in seconds with virtually no special skills required. Hence any funeral director can produce most service sheets in-house – as long as they have a decent laser printer! You can probably imagine how this will save you time and money. It is entirely up to you if you will pass on the savings to your own clients, or if you prefer to increase profits.

The Eulogica Service Sheets module is now in the testing stages – a more official presentation will appear soon but feel free to contact us if you wish to be among the first to try this ground-breaking new software!