It is possible for us to import your data from outside of the Eulogica system into your Eulogica funeral software database.

Data may include old funeral information, product lists, contact details, etc. This data can be brought into the relevant sections of Eulogica. If for example you have your contacts list in a computer file, such as a spreadsheet or text document, or even in your email client, then the Eulogica tech team can process the data so it is available in Eulogica funeral software. This would save having to run two systems or keeping duplicate data up to date.

For a small fee we can import the data into your Eulogica funeral software database. A well organised spreadsheet, with clear and concise data will take much less time to import than an unorganised text document so will therefore cost less for the team to import.

If this is a service that may be of interest then please feel free to send an email to and we will be in touch to discuss your needs.