The Eulogica software has been built from the bottom-up as a bespoke system. As such, many things that are usually locked in other software packages can be modified in Eulogica to suit your needs. Some things are easy to overlook and it can be difficult to see the true value and potential of them.

I am sure that you are all familiar with the shortcuts in Eulogica that bring you to the lists of funerals, contacts and invoices etc. These shortcuts can be expanded on to make things even easier for you. New shortcuts can be added to any of the menu tabs on the left. Now you might ask yourself: “Why would I want more shortcuts? Everything is working fine now.” The reason is simple, to make your work simpler and to remove unnecessary clicks.

The Eulogica shortcuts can be used to gain access to things outside of Eulogica. For example, do you have a folder that you and your staff often need to access, or a website where you often check information? A shortcut in Eulogica can be made that takes you straight to that folder or website, it can even start up other programs if you want it to.

Of course, the shortcuts are not just limited to doing things outside of Eulogica. They can also be used to swiftly access list reports, or to gain a quick overview of various tasks which are not marked as finished. This might be something like checking which Doctors cremation forms still require completion.

These are just a few examples of how shortcuts can be configured. If you would like more information or to see what other possibilities may help you, then please call the Eulogica support on 0845 3519 935 or e-mail us at