The UK Eulogica team were recently visited at our Sheffield office by Iain Perry, IT Manager at London-based client Lodge Brothers Funeral Directors. Lodge Brothers have an extensive business with some 48 branches, and use Eulogica throughout all departments of the business from arranging to workshop and mortuary to operations.

“It was a great visit, very productive,” explains Iain. “We have been planning some enhancements to the way we use Services and Tasks as well as some reporting changes. We were able to try out some of the configuration options, choose the best route and make the changes live in our testing system there and then. We will now be able to test them with our staff before moving the changes into our live system.”

Pictured are Iain from Lodge Brothers with David, Luke and Nick from Eulogica during our recent technical meeting.

Eulogica can provide a variety of operational reports, from conductor sheets and administrative overviews to floral orders, workshop requests and ashes release forms. Monthly reports can also be produced for cross referencing with supplier invoices for things like service sheets and cremation fees. Task lists can also be built to your requirements, giving a status overview that is specific to your operational needs. If you would like to discuss these items further, please give us a call on 0845 3519 935 or email