Eulogica funeral software will be easy to use because we tailor it to fit your business. We spend time working with you to personalise Eulogica to work the way you wish. Tailoring Eulogica takes time, but it is well worth it, because it is the only way that you will have a system that suits your office perfectly. With this perfect fit, you will get the full benefits of computing.

We start by configuring the system so that your most common funerals will be easy to enter. If, for instance, burials at sea are rare, but the release of a dove usual in your area, we will prepare the system accordingly. Entirely new services can be created if you have your own unique way of doing things. Some examples as to how the system can be personalised can be seen below.

Input configuration

We look at the details of each screen, adding and removing details to suit your business and to make it easy for your staff to utilise Eulogica funeral software quickly. For example, see below how the screen of Deceased Details can be configured differently. We even configure the choice of files to suit the way you work – perhaps you want to merge some of the contact files, or to split your sundry orders into several separate categories?

Reports and letters

Working with you, we edit the wording of the letters and reports produced by Eulogica funeral software to fit the style that suits your office. The three client confirmation letters shown illustrate the range of possibilities. Eulogica funeral software offers dozens of suggested letters and you choose the content, wording and layout, we do not impose a fixed style.

Basic company and local information

Your products and prices will be added, along with details of branches and staff, local information about churches, cemeteries, ministers and so on. Comprehensive descriptions and pictures may be attached to all names, places and products.