Now it’s been almost a year since the GDPR came into force. And it involves much more than you think of. With the motto “Security by design” in mind, you can prevent many different security risks, both for yourself and your business. Here are some tips on how to protect data and other valuables:

Protect your “contactless” credit- and key cards. They use wireless RFID or NFC technology to communicate and can thus be “intercepted” and the data retrieved and used by unauthorized persons. Protective cases or wallets are available for a small amount. And you have to bring the cards with you, anyway, so why not store them in a safer way?

Keep track of your keys. Sometimes you are forgetful, sometimes you lose things and sometimes you encounter criminals. Get yourself a “smart” key holder that can track the keys for you. An app in your smart phone tells you where they are.

Or let your smart phone become the “key holder” of your “keys”. Locks that can be opened with an app in your smart phone are rapidly becoming common. More and more hotels have it, cars get it and most major lock manufacturers provide solutions for homes and offices. You can easily control who will get access to what and when. Easily add or remove persons from the permission list. And you get a log of the activities on the go. No physical keys, cards or tags to manage; to hand out and be signed for, get returned, is lost…. Time and money to be saved, security to be increased.

To be continued in the next issue…