Helen joined Lodge Brothers in December 2004 after a 37 year career with HSBC in the city of London. She was no stranger to computers and was excited to be part of the project of implementing the Eulogica Funeral Management software into Lodge Brothers starting in 2007.

Helen was a key member of this project group and worked closely with Eulogica’s David Wright from the very start of the project, and has continued with this role until her retirement. She was responsible for both the initial training and continued refresher training for all the Lodge Brothers staff, as well as being the key contact point for all queries and ideas with Eulogica.

Helen, and the Lodge Brothers company, have helped Eulogica over the years by allowing Funeral Directors to visit their company and see how they use Eulogica. She has been a great ambassador for Eulogica by showing these visitors just how easy it is to use Eulogica and all the benefits it brings.

Helen is a keen gardener and to show their appreciation of all her help over the years, Eulogica presented her with a pocket pruning knife made from Sheffield steel, the location of David and the Eulogica team in the UK. We hope she will cherish this and use it on a daily basis for many years to come.

As well as being a keen gardener, Helen, whose official title is The Reverend Helen Kempster, is also the assistant curate at her local church. This means that she will still be getting involved in funerals but now she will be conducting the services rather than arranging them. So she will now be receiving the nicely formatted funeral confirmation letters when conducting one of Lodge Brothers funerals rather than emailing them out.

All of us at Eulogica wish Helen all the very best in her retirement and thank her for her help and friendship over the past 11 years.