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Eulogica modules

Eulogica is a modular system where it is possible to combine the parts that you require for your business. Please feel free to ask for advice regarding what parts would be most suitable for your circumstances.

Eulogica Funeral Management Software

The Eulogica Funeral Management software system is our flagship product and takes care of all the daily tasks at the funeral business. Eulogica Funeral Management software is delivered as a bespoke solution by our 4-step service. It is personalised to your needs and backed by a lifetime commitment to support.

Eulogica Service Sheets module

Many funeral directors like to offer printed order of service sheets for their customers. Instead of using a printing company, which would incur a cost of perhaps £50-£100 per funeral, it is possible to print these internally by use of a laser printer.

"It’s easy even for the one who isn’t fond of computers!"
Øistein Nettum, Gjøvik

Eulogica Light

Many smaller companies may not need the full Eulogica tailoring process and do not wish to use all the advanced functionality in the full Eulogica package. For those we are planning a lighter version of Eulogica. It will offer the most essential functions for daily use only.

Eulogica Repatriation Management

For repatriation companies and for Funeral Directors who handle many exports or imports, we offer a unique Repatriation Management system.

Monumental Mason administration system

For Funeral Directors who handle much memorial work, we offer a Monumental Mason module. This can be tied into a general Eulogica administration system seamlessly.

Accounting link

Whether a Funeral Director is using an external accountant, or doing the accounts in-house, it is beneficial to transmit data electronically from the Eulogica Funeral Management system, to the accounting system.