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How do we sort product lines on an invoice?

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Amar Yalavarthy

maandag 03 mei 2010 10:40:41 am

Products in invoice are printed in two different ways:

A. The products are printed in the same order as seen in the ‘Sales’ or ‘Accounting’ tabs of the invoice.
B. User can use Product lines to use alternative sorting option defied in Tools | Preferences to print product lines sorted by an index.

In each of these mechanisms, you can change the order of printing the product line of the invoice as follows in the invoice window (Finance| select invoice)

A. We can drag and drop the product lines if the alternate sort index is not enabled.
B. When using Alternate Sorting Option, we can change the sort indexes by selecting |Accounting | Index, here we can change the index by clicking on it. Note: If we try to change the sort index in products, the changes will not take effect for current invoice but it would be for future invoices.