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David Wright

Eulogica’s David Wright is the CEO for the UK arm of the business. David has over 5 years of experience as a Funeral Director as well as 11 years' experience with Eulogica.

Director Gary Bakke remarks ”David has a unique background, combining experience as a funeral director with a technical education. He has been the driving force behind building Eulogica Ltd to become the market leader in funeral software in the UK. He has also recently been involved with establishing Eulogica in Ireland and the Netherlands.”

At the same time, David has become gradually more involved with the computer programming that makes up the core of Eulogica. He will now be overseeing an international team of 8 programmers and other technical staff. The team constantly works to extend, refine and support the Eulogica software for use in 5 European countries.

David says, ”I am especially excited about future computing platforms. Funeral Directors are now relying more upon mobile computing, like iPads and Android tablets, because they can be useful during arrangements and on the road. I plan to focus on taking the Eulogica funeral software to these platforms and beyond.”

Along with his experience as a Funeral Director in Sheffield, David holds the NAFD Diploma in Funeral Directing. He also has a B.Eng (Hons) degree in Electronic Engineering, several Cisco Networking Certifications, and experience with software and network infrastructures in the TV and radio broadcasting industry.

Diploma in Funeral Directing leads to IT position

Back in 2005, Eulogica Ltd were proud to announce that David Wright from Sheffield was taking up employment as their Client Support Manager. The Funeral profession was not new to David as he holds the NAFD Diploma in Funeral Directing, is a BIFD member and also has over 5 years experience of working as a Funeral Director for his step father's business, Eric Eyre of Sheffield.