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Eulogica Repatriation Management

For repatriation companies and for Funeral Directors who handle many exports or imports, we offer a unique Repatriation Management system.

The Repatriation system can tie into the Eulogica Funeral management administration system seamlessly.

Additional to the icons normally present in the system, the following description of some of the standard icons will give you an idea of how the system operates.

Overseas agent For recording details of the overseas agent dealing with the repatriation.
Handling agent For recording details of the handling agent.
Embassy For recording details of any Embassy involvement.
Transport to/from airport For recording details of the transport to or from the airport.
Flight For recording details of the flight or flights involved, including details such as airway bill numbers etc.

All the above icons can be tailored to your requirements. In addition, tasks also tailored to your requirements can be added to enable you to accurately track the progression of a repatriation.
The documentation you require will also be generated from Eulogica based on the inputs you have made to the system. We can discuss the details of these documents in more detail, as they are tailored to your needs. This will of course include being able to send out invoices and reminder letters etc when required.
The new functionality can be made available for all computers in a network and even via our offline laptop synchronisation system.

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Eulogica is more than a funeral software package in a box. It is a bespoke solution, delivered as a subscription service, personalised to your needs and backed by a lifetime commitment to support.