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Eulogica - because every funeral is different

4 step service

Eulogica is more than a funeral software package in a box. It is a bespoke solution, delivered as a subscription service, personalised to your needs and backed by a lifetime commitment to support.

"Many small things come together to make
the administration much easier, leaving us with
more time to spend with the bereaved."
Adrian Pink, Croydon

We think the most important focus for a funeral director is to serve the families in the area in the most caring and professional manner possible. Eulogica funeral software can help you achieve this by:

  • automating many back office processes, so less time is used with administration and more time with the families
  • ensuring correct information is provided in all communications
  • equipping staff and suppliers with written details of arrangements, hence reducing the potential for mistakes
  • ensuring all documentation looks professional and uniform while reflecting the particular traditions of your business
  • enabling easy e-mail communication if desirable
  • providing a better overview of outstanding debts, enabling you to follow up efficiently and professionally
  • giving you a better overview of your business, which helps you focus your resources where they are needed
  • if you already have a software system, replacing this with a more modern, efficient and tailored alternative

Eulogica is more than a funeral software package in a box. It is a bespoke solution, delivered as a subscription service, personalised to your needs and backed by a lifetime commitment to support.

Eulogica funeral software is divided into four integrated elements (click on each item to read more):

The Eulogica 4 step service

Software - because every funeral is unique

It is the flexibility and adaptability of Eulogica funeral software that has made it the choice of many Funeral Directors. All the basic functions are covered, but what makes Eulogica different is the presumption that every funeral is unique. There is no set pattern. With Eulogica funeral software, the funeral is treated as a series of events and services.

Analysis & Configuration - because every Funeral Director is unique

Eulogica funeral software will be easy to use because we tailor it to fit your business. We spend time working with you to personalise Eulogica to work the way you wish. Tailoring Eulogica takes time, but it is well worth it, because it is the only way that you will have a system that suits your office perfectly. With this perfect fit, you will get the full benefits of computing.

Training - puts you in control

We know from experience that correct training of staff is a critical success factor in making the most of any software. Yet, the importance of training is often overlooked. We know training takes time and requires some effort, but we work to make it enjoyable and relevant for your staff so that they can see the benefits.

Continuous Support & Maintenance - our commitment to you

Our lifetime commitment is built into the way we offer Eulogica funeral software. Because software support is so important to Funeral Directors, we will not leave you. Because Eulogica is a subscription service, you can be assured of our long term commitment. We are here to serve you as long as you are using the funeral software.

When developing the concept for the international market, Eulogica Ltd spent two years learning the needs of the profession by setting up a User Involvement Group. The software and the service provided have been refined as a result of extensive discussions with British Funeral Directors. Like many other professions, Funeral Directors are reluctant to take time from their profession to become computer experts. They are concerned that a solution should keep pace with the changing requirements of clients and that suppliers can be relied upon for continuing support.

"It doesn't make the tea!"

'Our company was established in the year 2000, but there was no IT in place, except a very old second hand computer formerly owned by Noah to check his animals onto the Ark', jokes Adrian Pink of A & D Pink Funeral Directors in Croydon...

Eulogica modules

Eulogica Funeral Management Software

The Eulogica Funeral Management software system is our flagship product and takes care of all the daily tasks at the funeral business. Eulogica Funeral Management software is delivered as a bespoke solution by our 4-step service. It is personalised to your needs and backed by a lifetime commitment to support.

Eulogica Service Sheets module

Many funeral directors like to offer printed order of service sheets for their customers. Instead of using a printing company, which would incur a cost of perhaps £50-£100 per funeral, it is possible to print these internally by use of a laser printer.

"It’s easy even for the one who isn’t fond of computers!"
Øistein Nettum, Gjøvik

Eulogica Light

Many smaller companies may not need the full Eulogica tailoring process and do not wish to use all the advanced functionality in the full Eulogica package. For those we are planning a lighter version of Eulogica. It will offer the most essential functions for daily use only.

Eulogica Repatriation Management

For repatriation companies and for Funeral Directors who handle many exports or imports, we offer a unique Repatriation Management system.

Monumental Mason administration system

For Funeral Directors who handle much memorial work, we offer a Monumental Mason module. This can be tied into a general Eulogica administration system seamlessly.

More detailed Eulogica information

Eulogica is a new generation funeral software built on more than 10 years of experience. It is based on tailoring the software precisely to the needs of individual Funeral Directors. This article contains a wealth of background information and technical details about Eulogica funeral software.

PDF Eulogica presentation

We have created a little presentation which gives an impression of the main functions of Eulogica. It includes many screen shots from a typical configuration of the programme. Please use the link below.

The way we work

Bespoke Funeral Management Software has always been available from IT consultants, but the costs have usually been prohibitive for all but the largest companies. This, however, is all about to change!

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