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The Eulogica 4 step service

From our experience, we know that every Funeral Director has their own traditions. Eulogica takes account of individual requirements: it is much more than a software package, it is a bespoke business solution. Eulogica is divided into four integrated elements.

Software - because every funeral is unique

It is the flexibility and adaptability of Eulogica funeral software that has made it the choice of many Funeral Directors. All the basic functions are covered, but what makes Eulogica different is the presumption that every funeral is unique. There is no set pattern. With Eulogica funeral software, the funeral is treated as a series of events and services.

Analysis & Configuration - because every Funeral Director is unique

Eulogica funeral software will be easy to use because we tailor it to fit your business. We spend time working with you to personalise Eulogica to work the way you wish. Tailoring Eulogica takes time, but it is well worth it, because it is the only way that you will have a system that suits your office perfectly. With this perfect fit, you will get the full benefits of computing.

Training - puts you in control

We know from experience that correct training of staff is a critical success factor in making the most of any software. Yet, the importance of training is often overlooked. We know training takes time and requires some effort, but we work to make it enjoyable and relevant for your staff so that they can see the benefits.

Continuous Support & Maintenance - our commitment to you

Our lifetime commitment is built into the way we offer Eulogica funeral software. Because software support is so important to Funeral Directors, we will not leave you. Because Eulogica is a subscription service, you can be assured of our long term commitment. We are here to serve you as long as you are using the funeral software.