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Eulogica Funeral Management Software

The Eulogica Funeral Management software system is our flagship product and takes care of all the daily tasks at the funeral business. Eulogica Funeral Management software is delivered as a bespoke solution by our 4-step service. It is personalised to your needs and backed by a lifetime commitment to support.

"It has been a great opportunity for us
to share our views in the development"

Derek Gunningham, Bristol Funeral Directors

There are a long list of benefits for using the Eulogica Funeral Management Software, including:

  • Quick and easy input and also access of data.
  • Generation of professional letters and documentation in your own style from the data entered. This includes generation of estimates, confirmation letters, invoices and covering letters, reminders and many more.
  • An intuitive diary which is automatically populated as you enter funeral details.
  • Donation management and the production of all associated letters.
  • A day sheet compiled every morning with exactly the information that you and your staff require
  • Accounts and management information at your fingertips
  • Offline and synchronisation technology allows users to work on laptops without connection to the head office.

With Eulogica funeral software, the funeral is treated as a series of events and services. As you add the services to create a specific funeral, Eulogica will continuously calculate costs, update the diary and to-do lists, provide reports, create the relevant letters, and give you the full picture of all the developments. In addition to essential elements, such as removal, cortege, burial, and cremation, Eulogica offers a comprehensive library of less common services. Nearly 100 different additional services should cover all you offer to your clients, and the list is continuously updated.

Eulogica is all about Bespoke Funeral Software - that is, we adapt the software to your business, not the other way around!

Eulogica - because every funeral is different

4 step service

Eulogica is more than a funeral software package in a box. It is a bespoke solution, delivered as a subscription service, personalised to your needs and backed by a lifetime commitment to support.