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How To - Print A Client Account Summary

How To - Account Summary

How To - Print A Client Account Summary

You can easily print off an account summary for a client to show what they have paid or have outstanding.

To do this, first open the client contact file in one of these ways

From an Invoice, click the Account button next to the client address.

From a Funeral file, go to the Client tab and double-click the clients name.

From the Contacts > Clients list, open the correct record.

Once the client contact file is open, go to the account tab. This will list the invoices, payments and write-offs for that account.

The drop-down option at the bottom of the list lets you select which history data to show - All History, Unpaid Invoices, Unpaid and Past-Due Invoices or Settled Invoices & Payments. Choose which of the options you want to use on the printed account summary.

Next click either Print or Print Preview and choose Account Summary from the reports list.


The Account Summary will print out as it appears in the client contact window - changing the type of history will reflect in the printed summary.


You could use the Events tab on the client contact file to enter an event showing that an account summary has been posted. This way you can keep track of your correspondence when chasing up debts. Click here to see the How To Use Events article.