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More Eulogica Tips

Here we have collected some more information and ideas which might be useful for you!

How To - Print A Client Account Summary

You can easily print off an account summary for a client to show what they have paid or have outstanding.

How To - Use the Multiple Letters Wizard

Eulogica has a useful way for you to send the same letter to a batch of contacts. This is called the Multiple Letter Wizard and can save a lot of time. One use for this could be to send all your clients of the last year a letter about a Christmas memorial service.

How To - Use the Events System

Each funeral record and each contact record can contain a list of events. You can use this list to track all your correspondence with members of the family, clients, ministers, etc. Read on to find out the ways this can be useful...

How To - Print to a PDF File

It is possible to print reports from Eulogica as PDF files. You can then send these files by email, save them in an archive, or do whatever you want with them!

How To - Add An Image To A Contact Or Product File

It is possible to store images within your records in Eulogica. You could, for example, store the images of each coffin in your Products list, or photos of the churches and crematoria in Contacts. Here is a simple step-by-step guide.

How To - Fix Main Menu text colour on Windows 7

If you are using Windows 7, you may have noticed that the text on your Eulogica Main Menu is a light blue/grey colour. This makes the text hard to read on the already blue/grey background. We have, however, found the reason and therefore a solution for this problem!

How to - Fix problems with date formats or currency symbols?

Some times you may find that the date or currency settings shown by a certain PC when using Eulogica are incorrect. Eulogica actually uses the local settings of the PC or Remote Desktop session. There is no option within Eulogica to change these settings and they must be changed on the Windows operating system. However, this is a very simple thing to change within Windows...

How to use the synchronisation system

Wherever you are, you can work and stay in touch with Eulogica, because of one central feature of all our computer software - the offline work and synchronisation system.

Please talk to Eulogica Ltd about initially setting the system up the way you need. Once it is working, these instructions describe how to use it.

More detailed Eulogica information

Eulogica is a new generation funeral software built on more than 10 years of experience. It is based on tailoring the software precisely to the needs of individual Funeral Directors. This article contains a wealth of background information and technical details about Eulogica funeral software.

Are you using document sets?

Eulogica allows you to store multiple document sets, that is, sets of commonly used documents for a funeral