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'Eulogica funeral software saves us time and money and gives us a more professional edge with everyone we are in contact with - ministers, clients, press, florists, and on and on!' says Nick Armstrong in in Bury St Edmunds.


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Because Eulogica is a subscription service, you can be assured of our long term commitment. We are here to serve you as long as you are using the software.

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Customer Service

We look at Eulogica as a partnership for the lifetime of the product, where we are on duty with help, advice and access to our latest developments.


Eulogica documentation

The Eulogica funeral software comes with a printed manual of around 150 pages which explains most of the concepts and details that make up the system.


More Eulogica Tips

How To - Print A Client Account Summary

You can easily print off an account summary for a client to show what they have paid or have outstanding.

How To - Use the Multiple Letters Wizard

Eulogica has a useful way for you to send the same letter to a batch of contacts. This is called the Multiple Letter Wizard and can save a lot of time. One use for this could be to send all your clients of the last year a letter about a Christmas memorial service.

How To - Use the Events System

Each funeral record and each contact record can contain a list of events. You can use this list to track all your correspondence with members of the family, clients, ministers, etc. Read on to find out the ways this can be useful...


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