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Work anniversaries at Eulogica UK

2015 has been a special year for Eulogica in the UK. April saw 5 year work anniversaries for both Dave Ball and Nick Stokes, whilst November brought David Wright’s 10 year work anniversary.


Dave Ball and Nick Stokes 5 year work anniversaries

2015 has seen a couple of milestone events for Eulogica Ltd. April marked 5 year work anniversaries for both Dave Ball, IT Support and Nick Stokes, Client Support Manager. Dave and Nick have enabled Eulogica to move forwards in leaps and bounds over the last 5 years and the product has benefitted from their thoughts, input and expertise. Both Dave and Nick had never worked in the funeral industry prior to their employment with Eulogica, but have both gained a lot of experience over the last 5 years. “The funeral industry is a great industry to work in” says Nick. “It is a friendly and helpful market place to and I have met some great people. It's also an exciting place to work and no two days are ever the same”.

Eulogica Ltd hopes that they are both here in another 5 years helping out even more funeral directors.

David Wright 10 year work anniversary

November also marked another work anniversary. Eulogica’s David Wright saw the tenth anniversary of his employment. David helped to launch Eulogica’s four step service concept and funeral management software back in 2005. He has helped to progress the development and flexibility of the software over the last 10 years. David’s experience also helped as Eulogica moved into Sweden, Ireland and most recently the Netherlands. “It's been quite a journey”, comments David. “There have been a lot of changes during the last 10 years and Eulogica continues to develop year after year. There are a lot of new products and developments coming up in the near future and we will continue to develop the software to meet the needs and requirements of funeral directors. I am still excited by Eulogica and look forward to the next 10 years and to see where that leads us”.

To mark the anniversaries, Dave, Nick and David were taken out for dinner and joined by Geir and Laura. After a great meal and a few drinks, Dave and Nick were presented with a watch each to show Eulogica’s appreciation of their loyalty. Both were pleased with their gifts. “No excuses not to be on time”, joked David.

David was then presented with a leather travel briefcase to mark his 10 years with the company. “This is a really nice and thoughtful gift” remarked David, “I am very thankful to everyone at Eulogica for making it a great place to work. I am also thankful to Geir and Laura for organising a great meal and very thoughtful gifts”.