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“We have found Eulogica invaluable"

During a substantial refurbishment programme and move of premises, Kevin Matthews Funeral Services of Northampton also decided it was time to upgrade their funeral management software. After reading an article about the Eulogica bespoke funeral software, the proprietor Kevin Matthews called Eulogica...

“I heard about Eulogica funeral software through The Funeral Service Journal”, says Kevin. “I was able to have quite a lengthy chat with David about what I wanted out of a system, what they could provide & what we could expect in any future developments. We were also impressed with the fact that Eulogica is a bespoke funeral software system and has had 3 years field testing with Barry Albin.”

Client Support Manager David Wright paid a visit to the premises, and the process of analysing Kevins requirements and configuring the Eulogica funeral software to suit the company's needs could begin.

The funeral software system was installed at the new premises and configured according to the needs that were discovered during the analysis process. The next step was to take the staff through the Eulogica training programme. “David was able to train us in house giving us an idea of what Eulogica funeral software can do”, says Kevin. “We were then able to familiarise ourselves in our own time, again with the support at the end of the telephone line”.

The Eulogica funeral software has enabled Kevin to easily print, email or fax out information to ministers, newspapers, families etc to confirm details more clearly, promptly & accurately. “We have had numerous compliments on this service”, Kevin continues, and adds “We have found Eulogica invaluable, ensuring that I can concentrate on the personal details & leave the paperwork to staff”.

Eulogica funeral software has also been able to pre-populate common fields on the various forms which are used on a daily basis, again cutting down on manual time consuming tasks.

Kevin Matthews and his secretary Helen Digby in their new bright and airy reception in Balmoral Road, Northampton, with Eulogica’s David Wright

Another simple benefit that the staff at Kevin Matthews have found is that they are able to keep all their various contact details, e.g. Ministers, crematoriums, suppliers etc, up to date in one central location. This saves them time looking up details and the data is accessible from all PCs running the Eulogica funeral software.

“We have now been using Eulogica funeral software just over 4 months and have been very pleased with the way it has gone. The support is great and every query or question is classed as a very valid reason to call.” comments Kevin. “We have found Eulogica funeral software user friendly and invaluable in the day to day running of the business.” As well as producing all the usual documents required when arranging a funeral, Kevin can easily keep an eye on which funerals have been invoiced, which are overdue and then use Eulogica funeral software to print off reminder letters should he think it appropriate.

“If & when we do have to call Eulogica Support, they are able to log on remotely & talk us through what our concerns are again without feeling that their time is being wasted. All in all I would say it is excellent because it is Bespoke to the Funeral Service; however it is also flexible to enable it to be personal to you as an individual.”

Eulogica Ltd is located at 5 Regent Street, London, and can be reached by telephone 0845 3519935.