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How To - Use the Events system


How To - Use the Events system


Each funeral record and each contact record can contain a list of events. You can use this list to track all your correspondence with members of the family, clients, ministers, etc. Read on to find out the ways this can be useful...


For example, you may have a difficult family situation where different family members want different things (those that were at the NAFD AGM in May will remember the dramatisation of how this can be awkward!). If you log each meeting or phone call you have a record of how the arrangements have changed and who by.
Once the Event system is being utilised you may find that it is a valuable tool.


Events for Funerals


  • Open a funeral file
  • Go to the Status tab
  • You can see the events section here
  • In the Type column, choose an event type
  • Contact Names can just be typed in, or chosen from within the funeral file via the drop down menu
  • Description is a short title of the event, whereas Notes is for typing in more detail
  • Press the green tick to save the event details



If you select an event line and press the Details button you can see the full notes in a separate window.
You can add standard text to the Notes field of a selected event line by pressing the Add Text button.


Events for Contacts


  • Open a Contact file
  • Go to the Events tab
  • Press New to add a new event or double click an existing event line to open the full details




  • Go to Tools > Events > Event Types to edit and add to the list of Event Types.
  • Go to Tools > Events > Event Phrases to edit and add to the list of standard phrases
  • From the Main Menu, select Miscellaneous, then Event Log to see a list off all the event records in the system. You can create a new event record from here too.

With an event record selected in the Funeral Status window, click the "Details..." button to open a full event window, like when creating events from the Contact window.