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How To - Find All Work Done By A Supplier

Sometimes a minister or other supplier may want to know what work they have done for you, or maybe you want to see who you use the most for certain jobs. This type of analysis can be done easily in Eulogica.

There are two methods available for this. The first method is rather straight forward but will only provide the information in a basic way:

  • On the Main Menu, open the Miscellaneous section.
  • Select All Services.
  • Press the Sort button and choose Supplier.
  • Enter the name you are searching for, such as Revd David Smith - it must be typed as it appears in the contacts file.
  • The list will filter down as you type, you then have the list of service icons that the contact has been used for.
  • You can then print the list out or even export it as a spreadsheet

It may be the case that you cannot see the name of the supplier in the columns as you search. If this is the case please call us on 0845 3519 935 and we can quickly sort this out for you.
The second method is to use the additional Advanced Analysis module. This module comes at a small additional subscription fee but allows you to search, filter and analyse your data in more ways than normal.

Please feel free to contact us about the Analysis module, either for information on activating it or for help using it.

Bonus Tip
To export the list as an Excel format spreadsheet, go to File > Export > Export to Excel file.