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Eulogica's Christmas gift

Regular readers of our newsletter will know that Eulogica have been supporting an orphanage in India for a number of years. Now the institution gets a new home!

Song and laughter can be heard from a small building in a dusty residential street on the outskirts of Hyderabad. This is the «Care and Love» orphanage, a curious place where 38 children are living. They come from a variety of backgrounds – many are here because the parents are no longer alive.

It is an old and somewhat crumbling building, but the place is filled with joy and ambition. The children are well-behaved and keep themselves busy - playing, singing, dancing, going to school. They see themselves as a big family and seem to get along very well with their «brothers and sisters» in the institution.

The older children are given extra responsibilities with taking care of younger ones, and all are being looked after by a group of widowed women, also living at the orphanage. These women take care of cooking and cleaning, helping with homework, and any special needs.

Recently, the orphanage has been asked to move, due to new developments in the area. Also, the old building was rented, a bit old, and always rather small. The whole orphanage does not have any more space than an average European family.

The trust in charge of the institution is now setting up a new building. This is a major investment – donations have been collected, a bigger plot of land has been bought, and construction is well under way.

Eventually, the new facilities will be twice the size of the old, and now all owned by the trust itself. If all goes well, the children will be able to move into their new home by the end of this year.

Over the years, Eulogica have made various donations to the orphanage and the children living here, especially towards the education of some of the kids. We believe learning new skills is often the key to a successful future – for children in India just like for Funeral Directors at home!

Our Christmas gift this year is a contribution towards the new construction. But as bricks and cement do not make for interesting pictures, we bring you here one from last year, when we provided bicycles for «our kids». Merry Christmas!