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Beaumont Funeral Directors begin Eulogica implementation

Lanigan Funeral Directors, of Beaumont and Cabra, have begun the implementation of a bespoke Eulogica funeral administration system. After a detailed evaluation of all the options available, they decided that Eulogica offers the package to suit their requirements. “Our instinct was that the Eulogica system was the right one for us,” explains Eddie Buckmaster of Lanigan’s, “but we needed to examine all of the available options to be sure of making the right decision. The Eulogica team patiently answered our questions, and took the time to make sure we were happy with our choice.”


In July Eddie and Corah attended a day-long Eulogica session at Citywest Hotel, which combined training with tailoring and customising the Eulogica system to their needs. Eulogica’s Client Support Manager Nick Stokes explains, “Eddie and Corah felt that the most efficient way to implement their Eulogica system would be for them to spend some time with me, going through the basics of using the system, and at the same time tailoring the software to meet their specific needs.”


Eddie concludes, “The training day was very useful. To see the Eulogica system taking shape and really reflecting the way we work was quite remarkable. We’re looking forward to really getting into using the system, and with Nick’s help fine tuning it to fit our business.”


{Pictured are Eddie and Corah Lanigan during their recent Eulogica session at Citywest Hotel}