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“A service that is both personal and personalised”

Funeral Arranger Lesley-Ann Liddiard

goes through the finer points of

data entry with Eulogica’s Nick Stokes

Porteous Funeral Directors, based in Edinburgh, are currently going through the Eulogica installation process as part of a wider systems update incorporating hardware, software and telephony upgrades. The system will ultimately be accessible from all of their branches across Edinburgh, allowing efficient, centralised operations producing accurate and consistent documents and data.

Lesley-Ann Liddiard is based at Porteous’ Juniper Green office, and is overseeing the Eulogica setup, along with Eulogica’s Client Support Manager, Nick Stokes. “Having worked with general administration software in other industries, I know the benefits it can bring,” she explains. “It’s easy to see how much more efficient having a centralised, streamlined system cutting down the risks of errors and duplication can be.”

“When the decision to look into funeral administration software was taken, I felt it was important to go through a proper research process,” Lesley-Ann continues. “Software of this type is a major investment for any business, so it was vital to examine the options and make sure we selected the right one. Eulogica offers a comprehensive but easy to understand solution that has the flexibility to be tailored to our specific requirements. It was very important to us that any software package had to fit in with our traditions, and be able to produce letters and documents in accordance with our layouts and wording, and to fit with our particular idiosyncrasies!”


When asked what her feelings on Eulogica were now that the installation process has begun, Lesley-Ann was enthusiastic. “It’s great! I’m constantly amazed by its capabilities, despite already knowing how flexible the Eulogica system is. The analysis is detailed, the training thorough and delivered at our pace in plain English, and the support is excellent. The remote support option in particular is superb, and allows extra clarity to explanations in both directions. The Eulogica team really do deliver a service that is both personal and personalised.”


Yvonne Porteous adds, “We’re really impressed with how far the software has come in such a short time. We’re delighted with its flexibility, and the documents it produces are genuinely indistinguishable from our own! We’re looking forward to rolling Eulogica out to the rest of our branches and really getting stuck in with it.”