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A real 100% system

Based in Ushaw Moor, County Durham, Alderson’s was founded by Robert William Alderson as joiners and undertakers in 1921. The current owner, Norman Alderson, joined the business in 1980, and today works with assistant funeral directors Chris Williams and Tina Pickering. Norman is a Past president of the British Institute of Funeral Directors, and has also served the Institute as a tutor on the Diploma in Funeral Directing course.

Norman explains that he was looking into software “because our previous system was unsupported and obsolete, we wanted to change to something more modern, while also knowing that there’s a support team available when we need them. It’s good to know that Eulogica is always being improved, too; we recently had the new Consumer Contracts paperwork added to the system almost as soon as the NAFD announced it!”

“The system is fantastic,” continues Norman. “It’s a real 100% system, and I was really impressed with the analysis process. Nick took the time to chat with us, suss out our requirements, and build them into the software. The training was also much more straightforward than we expected. We were a little worried that it might be a boring, tedious, long process, but by helping us enter real data into the system from the word go, the training had great relevance to us immediately.”

Tina Pickering adds, “The training was really user-friendly too. Everything was explained in plain English, which made it easy even for those who perhaps aren’t so comfortable sat at a computer.”

“The support line is really good, too,” says Chris Williams. “You can be sure that questions will be answered quickly and clearly, and being able to share my screen with the Eulogica support staff really helps make explanations clear.”

Norman concludes, “It’s great to have a system that not only fits our needs today, but can grow and adapt with the changing face of the business in the future. Changes made today are not necessarily set in stone, as the software can be adapted to meet the changing requirements of both our business and the profession in general. It really helps us look to the future with confidence.”