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The Eulogica funeral software has been around for more than 13 years and is currently installed in around 300 locations in some 200 funeral organisations across 3 countries. Our UK business was established in 2003 and the software has been running at a number of British funeral homes since the summer of 2005.

Running Eulogica funeral software on a laptop

Every now and then we get asked if Eulogica funeral software will work OK on a laptop computer, rather than a desktop computer. Eulogica funeral software works just as well on a laptop computer as it does on a desktop one. In fact, having Eulogica installed on a laptop can provide additional benefits.

Software Makes A Difference At C. McGough’s

Clement McGough & Sons is one of the few independent family funeral directors in Stoke-on-Trent and have been proudly serving the communities of North Staffordshire and South Cheshire for more than fifty years.

New service sheets funeral software

Many funeral directors like to offer printed order of service sheets for their customers. Traditionally some funeral directors have been using software like MS-Office for this. Which works fine, but it tends to be quite a time-consuming way, even for the skilled computer user. Time is of course precious, so... Enter the Eulogica Service Sheets module!

Importing Your Data Into Eulogica funeral software

It is possible for us to import your data from outside of the Eulogica system into your Eulogica funeral software database.

“We have found Eulogica invaluable"

During a substantial refurbishment programme and move of premises, Kevin Matthews Funeral Services of Northampton also decided it was time to upgrade their funeral management software. After reading an article about the Eulogica bespoke funeral software, the proprietor Kevin Matthews called Eulogica...

Lodge Brothers select Eulogica funeral software

Eulogica Ltd has reached an agreement with Lodge Brothers to deliver Eulogica funeral software to all their branches. Based primarily in Surrey, Middlesex and the South West London area, Lodge Brothers also have offices in Cambridgeshire and Wiltshire.

"It doesn't make the tea!"

'Our company was established in the year 2000, but there was no IT in place, except a very old second hand computer formerly owned by Noah to check his animals onto the Ark', jokes Adrian Pink of A & D Pink Funeral Directors in Croydon...

"We benefit from implementing Eulogica funeral software"

“Eulogica Funeral Management Software offers a degree of customisation and an easy learning curve not seen elsewhere”, says Barry Albin-Dyer, F.A. Albin & Sons Ltd.

Eulogica’s latest staff member, Laura de Waal, visits funeral directors premises

Although Laura uses Eulogica software for day to day administration tasks at Eulogica's office in Sheffield, it is important that she gets to see the Eulogica funeral software in action at Funeral Directors premises. Only then can you appreciate the varying needs of different funeral directors and how the Eulogica funeral software can be quickly tailored to suit individual companies.

"Eulogica does everything we need and more"

'I have been in the funeral profession all my life,' says Rodney Beaney at J. Markfield, Loughton in Essex. 'We as a company try to uphold the traditions, sympathy and respect for the whole funeral and the aftercare of the families. We have found Eulogica does everything we need and more. Eulogica is now an integral part of our company.'