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The Eulogica funeral software has been around for more than 13 years and is currently installed in around 300 locations in some 200 funeral organisations across 3 countries. Our UK business was established in 2003 and the software has been running at a number of British funeral homes since the summer of 2005.

20 year anniversary

We are proud to announce that our sister company, Intelligent Software AS in Norway, was officially registered on 9th April 1997 making it 20 years old on Sunday.

Eulogica's Christmas gift

Regular readers of our newsletter will know that Eulogica have been supporting an orphanage in India for a number of years. Now the institution gets a new home!

British Institute of Funeral Directors Conference 2016

The first weekend of November saw the 2016 BIFD Conference take place at the Old Swan Hotel, Harrogate. The weekend saw the conclusion of Eulogica client Clive Pearson’s year in office as President.

NAFD Conference 2016

The weekend of 19th May to 22nd May saw members of the Eulogica team attend the 2016 NAFD AGM at the Europa Hotel in Belfast. This is the first time the NAFD conference has been held in Belfast.

SAIF AGM Banquet weekend 2016

The weekend of 11th to 13th March saw members of the Eulogica team attend the 2016 SAIF AGM at the Vale Hotel near Cardiff.

How To - Find All Work Done By A Supplier

Sometimes a minister or other supplier may want to know what work they have done for you, or maybe you want to see who you use the most for certain jobs. This type of analysis can be done easily in Eulogica.

Staff news

Friday 8th January saw Dave Ball's final day working for Eulogica. He has secured another IT role closer to his home and family.

How To - Use the Events system

Each funeral record and each contact record can contain a list of events. You can use this list to track all your correspondence with members of the family, clients, ministers, etc. Read on to find out the ways this can be useful...

Work anniversaries at Eulogica UK

2015 has been a special year for Eulogica in the UK. April saw 5 year work anniversaries for both Dave Ball and Nick Stokes, whilst November brought David Wright’s 10 year work anniversary.


Funeral Times Trade Show 2015

Time passes so quickly, and it’s already exhibition time again for the Eulogica team.

In three weeks’ time, on the 29th and 30th September, Eulogica will be exhibiting at the Funeral Times Trade Show at the Citywest Hotel, Dublin.