Eulogica free services are not free as in “free beer”… nor are they free as in “free speech”. But we think you will like them still!

Eulogica free services are good old Eulogica funeral services – like transport or meeting details, except they do not need to be part of a funeral record.

Some times it can be useful to create such a service before the whole funeral record has been prepared. An example would be the “first call” or “first meeting” with a client. A funeral may or may not be agreed as a result of it. Hence the service is not really a funeral service – not initially, at least.

A free service will have its own little window, with just the fields that are relevant for the service type. After it has been created, it will be possible to link it to a Eulogica funeral, if necessary. It will then appear in the funeral window in the normal way.

There are also many other uses for this. A funeral business has a number of events and activities that are never part of funerals at all. Some examples would be internal meetings, supplier meetings, marketing activities, and community events.

The natural place to create these entries is in the diary – because they will generally be events associated with a date and time. Unlike manual diary entries, free services will be structured, with the fields that matter. In principle, they do not even need to be fixed in time.

Once a service can appear on its own, it will be useful even for regular funeral services to appear like that. This can have benefits: Perhaps there should be no need to open a full funeral window in order to make just a small change.

Want to change the place of a viewing, or the staff code for a transport? Then just open the service and alter the details in its own little window. This would all be easily accessible from the diary.

Once you start thinking about it, you will probably realise that free services can have lots of uses. Feel free to send us your favourite ideas about them!