Eulogica has always been a highly configurable system. Even ten and more years ago, many parts of the system could be tailored to the needs of users: Lists and windows, pages and fields, and reports of course.

We think no other system for the Funeral Profession can compare with Eulogica when it comes to flexibility. But with Eulogica 7, which is currently under development, we are pushing this strength even further. With E7, we introduce Eulogica Builder.

Eulogica Builder allows for the windows that make up Eulogica to be built all the way from scratch, uniquely for each funeral business.

That’s right: Now it will be possible to configure the fields you need not just in the funeral window, but all over the place – for all pages, all sections, all windows. Even grids within windows will be configurable.

In practice, it will be Eulogica support staff who prepare the windows the way you want them. Don’t like the VAT percentage column? Just ask to have it removed or replaced. Want to merge a few pages in the Contact window? Just tell us how you want it to look, and consider it done!